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Friday, November 18, 2005

What's up with the weird spam comments?!?

Okay, I hadn't posted in a long time and I'm reluctant to get back into the blogging and all, but what the hell is up with the blog comment spam? I suspect that its a way to bump sites up the Google rankings? Does anyone know if this is true? How can it be stopped? Also, is there a clever term for it yet, like spam? Maybe like Blam or something?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Long Lost Redhooky

This isn't a re-start of Redhooky, but since 160 Imlay came up on Curbed today I thought I'd throw out an update.

The brief recap... or the story so far:

Initially the 160 Imlay's developer applied for a variance on the industrial / manufacturing zoning. The Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) approved the variance. The Red Hook Gowanus Chamber of Commerce (RHGCC) sued the BSA for making an impropoper variance. The case languished for a while and until the BSA motioned to have the thing dismissed because the RHGCC didn't list Imaly (the building's owners) as a party to the suit. The Supreme Court denied the motion, but the Appellate Court granted it, dismissing the case. The RHGCC appealed the dismissal, and that's where we've been for awhile.

So... On Oct. 25, the State of NY court of appeals reversed the dismissal. I won't go into why... you can read it yourself at:

2 No. 168
In the Matter of Red Hook/
Gowanus Chamber of Commerce,
New York City Board of Standards
and Appeals, et al.,

So there it sits for another winter, watched by a couple of tough German Shepherds and an abandoned, or, more likely, stolen Mercedes.

In more interesting, or at least better news, the Fifth Avenue Committee has moved forward on Red Hook Homes, a mixed income project that will provide about 60 owner occupied units. The project is centered around the construction site on Wolcott between Van Brunt and Richards, across from Daly School and around the corner from Hope and Anchor.

So despite this not being a restart of Redhooky, maybe I'll renew the postings. As long as I stick to just posting info and not trying to write my take on things it may not be a problem. Truth is I don't really have the time to put into it.