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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Where am I?

This post is kind of an out-of-Red Hook experience... I'm away for the weekend, but I've got a bit of time and a bit of internet access so I thought I'd get something up on RedHooky.

Reading the Times today there's big news on the cruise ship front with Carnival deciding to bring their biggest ships to the neighborhood. I suspect the City had already worked something out with Carnival when they refused to act on the Germany shipping offer that was reported in last week's Carroll Gardens Courier. I've said before that I believe that there is a longer term, if unstated, plan to bring most of the industrial shipping to the Sunset Park waterfront. Figure that there is better highway access in Sunset Park, more of a working industrial base, and talk of a massive cross-harbor freight tunnel that would make moving commodities much easier. One of the more interesting parts of the cross-harbor tunnel project is that it would move much of the freight forwarding and trucking aspects of the waterfront and deep into Queens. (Someone posted a link in the comments section about an AM-NY article covering the tunnel. There is a lot more on the web about the tunnel if you start to Google it.) Keep in mind that the politician that both of the local papers describe as closest to American Stevedoring, and one of the most vocal proponents of both the idea of a working industrial waterfront and the cross harbor tunnel is Jerry Nadler. I've got no complaint against Nadler and I think he's a good congressman, but he does not represent Red Hook. Our Representative Nydia Valezquez is oddly quiet about much of the controversy surrounding waterfront issues. (Although she has been vocal in opposition to more waste transfer facilities in the district, which is great.)

Batkin, of 160 Imlay fame, is cited in the Times article as claiming to have received offers to covert the second Imlay St building into a hotel. That'd be interesting development. Last week's Courier also had a ton of news concerning the Imlay conversion. Apparently both parties were back in court about a week ago. Hopefully this means that a decision will be coming down soon.

Well, that's about it for now. As for the Redhooky methodology... I'm looking to post on a schedule of two posts a week or so. I'm also considering adding a couple of new folks to see if I can get more posts up, but I'll have to work that out a bit. Finally, I'll probably try to post less about the goings on and add a bit more about what I know about Red Hook as a place. In my obsessive digging around on the internet I've found out all sorts of odd things about the neighborhood. Ask me about Kurt Weil's conection to Red Hook! Really.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you can explain this to me -- how would a tunnel into Brooklyn transfer the freight business deep into queens?

i know folks in Queens are opposed to the tunnel but I never really understood why. thanks!

Sun Apr 17, 09:27:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, that picture they used on the nytimes article is of the Fairway property. Boy are they dumb. That's not going to be where the cruise ship docks.

Mon Apr 18, 10:54:00 AM


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