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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Next Red Hook Project - The Revere Sugar Refinery?

In the comments section on the last post someone alerted me to Craig's List post advertising the Revere Sugar Refinery. According to the post, the owner is asking $650,000 for the whole thing. Its a great location, but chances are that almost none of the existing structures are of any use at all. An old post on the WaterFrontMatters website mentions that the property is "known to have contamination issues" which would most likely make any develop extraordinarily complicated and expensive. If nothing else, you'd have to pull out that sunken lightship!

I think the big risk for the site is for a big box store. With Ikea going in next door, there will undoubtably be interest in mirroring that development. And although I'm not adamantly opposed to the Ikea project, I would be opposed to allowing it to become the dominant development on the waterfront. The borough, the community board and the city should probably get involved as soon as possible to try to make sure that the site is developed with some sort of plan in mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

like who's just going to lease that huge monstrocity? they're not even trying to sell it, just to lease it.

who wants to take bets we'll be getting a friggin' Applebees.

Fri Feb 11, 02:51:00 PM

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