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Friday, December 10, 2004

Wow! Redhooky gets linked to Curbed!

Wow, thanks Curbed! We've only been on the web for a couple of days now and we're getting some notice. And thanks to the neighbor who put the nice comment welcoming us onto the internet.

I have to say though, I feel the pressure is on... I can't really slack off on the blog now I suppose. We'll do our best to keep it up to date.

By the way, if anyone has neighborhood info, please put it in the comments and I'll try to work it into a regular post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Redhooky,
It's nice to see a neighborhood blog.
However, it seems that Curbed has an anti-Red Hook bias. I've read a few posts/comments recently that are snide and condescending about Red Hook. That's fine with me I guess because then the 'hood will stay the way it is a bit longer before it gets "too" gentrified!

Tue Dec 21, 05:58:00 PM


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