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Friday, December 17, 2004

Red Hook Weekend

Okay, I haven't posted much, but its been a busy week. A guy's gotta work, ya know? Anyway, I'm going to post a bit more of what's happening this weekend..

First and foremost, if you're getting a Christmas tree, then shop local! Trees are available at two local Red Hook spots. Some folks on Van Brunt at Commerce are selling trees out of their front yard. They are caddy corner to the Red Hook Cafe - (a great Monday through Saturday breakfast and lunch spot - 4am to 4pm). The Red Hook Flea Market is also selling trees. They are open Saturday and Sunday, 10am to Sunset and are right across the street from LaNell's Wine & Spirits and Red Hook Pet Provisions. I think both places have limited supplies of trees so get there soon!

The Hook has a full line up on Friday night (TONIGHT):

12am Shumai
11pm The Consultants
10pm The Nice Ones
9pm My Teenage Stride

The all seem very poppy and light as far as I can tell from a couple of mp3 downloads. The Hook's website links to their respective home pages and downloads.

And of course, I assume Hope & Anchor will be doing karaoke this weekend, god bless 'em.

That's all I know about for the weekend, but I'm sure there's more... if you know of anything, post it in the comments.


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