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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Red Hook in the NYTimes, Again!

Apparently the Times has been sending someone to the Red Hook beat. In today's paper is a bit about Hope & Anchor's new art -- Exhibition You Can't Refuse.

I thought the crowd in there today for the Sunday Brunch looked a little flahier than usual...

Also, someone asked me about linux in the comments the other day... I'm a semi-recent convert to Linux. I use Red Hat 9 and my wife uses Suse 9.2. I'll try to post a bit more about the trials and tribulations of bucking the Microsoft monster soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome to red hook and congrats on the blog. we appreciate your web presence and look forward to the updates.

Tue Dec 14, 10:59:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy it was a madhouse at H+A on Sunday.
But we love our waitresses and they take care of us regulars. Apparently the key is to go a little earlier.

Still the food rocks.

I love it when people drive down Van Brunt Street, get to the end have to turn around and then we see them 2 minutes later driving back the other way. There's usually a look of confusion on their faces. :)

Tue Dec 14, 01:25:00 PM


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